Sunday, December 20, 2015

US / Canada borders 1851

Historical trivia: Of course  Canada did not exist until 1867. But the Boundary Commission was determined to have the 49th parallel as the border.

Up until 1846, southern Vancouver Island was part of America (although Britain disputed that), Mexico extended into Oregon, and Seattle was called Fort Nisqually. San Juan Island was turned into a giant sheep farm by the Hudson's Bay Company Army (controlled by Britain). The Pig War of 1856 prompted more negotiations between Britain and USA to determine west coast boundaries, and splitting up the various gulf islands. Eventually Canada became an actual country in 1867.

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Ben Karlstrom
Ben K I like how all the BC cities were "Forts" back then. From now on, please address all my snail mail to "Fort Surrey, BC".
Gary James
Gary J The original Fort Vancouver, WA was the headquarters for the Hudson's Bay Company in the early 1800's. Vancouver BC was established 29 years after the "Couve"
Gary James