Monday, July 02, 2007

Stanley Park Seawall Bike Trails

Went for a 20km walk through Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park yesterday (Canada Day). Beautiful weather and lots of crowds for various Canada Day celebrations.

If you haven't walked or biked along the Stanley Park Seawall, you're missing one of the great free treats of Vancouver. There's actually 2 paved trails side by side - one for walkers and one for bikes.

Because of the huge windstorms earlier this year, thousands of old trees were uprooted and blown over. They've been cleared off the seawall and trails, but the seawall path in the Siwash Rock to Prospect Point area is still closed due to landslides and unstable ground conditions.

As you can see in this picture, there are signs and fences blocking off the closed areas, but some people still venture in to check it out themselves.
stanley park seawall

Near Second Beach (between English Bay and Third Beach) there was a guy stacking rocks to make the most incredible object balancing act I've seen. Have a look at these artsy creations on the beach:
stanley park second beach seawall vancouver