Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CPR 2816 Steam Train trip from Vancouver BC to Mission

Filmed and produced by Dieter Hecker, Oct. 4, 2008.
CPR 2816 Steam Locomotive on a special return trip from Vancouver to Mission BC.

More Buses Now Campaign: Email Kevin Falcon, BC Transportation Minister

More Buses Now is a grassroots campaign striving to bring improvements to the Metro Vancouver bus system that will benefit both passengers and riders. The campaign is being sponsored by the members of Canadian Auto Workers local 111 - the bus driver's union.

Are you TIRED of riding overcrowded buses?

Are you ANGRY watching full buses pass you up time after time?

Are you FED UP at the lack of adequate service in your area?

SO IS YOUR BUS DRIVER. And bus drivers are doing something about it – but they need your help.

What’s the problem with our bus system?

Consider the following: currently we have only 1100 buses in service in our entire Metro Vancouver system – that’s not nearly enough! That works out to just one bus for every 1800 Metro Vancouver residents. But 15 years ago, Metro Vancouver had one bus for every 1200 residents. That’s also the current rate of buses in Toronto and Montreal. In other words, we have 50% more residents per bus than we used to, or that Toronto or Montreal have now! No wonder you can’t get on. And it’s not supposed to be that way. Metro Vancouver’s Livable Region Strategic Plan called for 1900 buses to be in service by 2006. And Translink’s own first 5 year Strategic Plan projected 1600 buses in service by 2006. It’s no surprise we have a problem – we are between 500 and 800 buses short.

Visit More Buses Now to email the Transportation Minister now!