Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save money on your Costco Canada membership, renewal, Costco.ca

If you're a Costco Canada member, you may not have noticed that you pay 12% HST on a membership or renewal. Can you believe that??? It's not a product that you are purchasing, it's just a right to purchase items at Costco.

If you travel across the border to an American Costco, there is no tax on a membership. Why should there be?

Costco memberships are valid in Canada and the US, so if you're down there anyway, why not extend your membership for a year tax-free? Membership prices are the same and our dollar's at par. You'll also find merchandise prices typically 10-20% lower down there so why not take advantage of it?

If you stay in the US for 48 hours, you can bring back a big load of merchandise tax and duty free. Almost pays for your vacation!

Here's some Great deals on US and Canadian hotel accomodations...

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