Thursday, July 07, 2011

Vote YES to extinguish the HST

The Liberals' HST hurts families who already pay more for medical services premiums, ferry fares, hydro rates, tuition fees and other expenses that have been ramped up by the Liberals.

The HST impact on a family budget is much more than $350
According to a Statistics Canada study commissioned by the Times Colonist, the average married couple with a child pays at least $735 more per year with the Liberals’ HST.

A typical family with two parents each making $50,000 will pay over $1,000 more, according to the government's panel report on the HST.

The impact of the HST on families gets bigger as children get older: school supplies, adult-sized clothing for teenagers, summer camps and other expenses are all taxed an extra seven percent under the HST.
These figures don't even include the impact of the HST on big-ticket items. Buying a new home or paying for a new roof or other major home renovations are even more expensive for the average family because the HST taxes those items at seven per cent, not zero per cent as they were before.
For example, a $30,000 renovation incurs $2,100 in additional tax under the HST, compared to zero provincial sales tax previously.

7% HST vs. 0% PST
The HST adds a seven per cent tax on many items that previously had no provincial sales tax.
These are just some of the things that cost families 7% more under the HST:
  • Home renovations, such as a new roof;
  • Energy-saving appliances for the home;
  • Appliance repair and maintenance, housecleaning, landscaping and snow removal;
  • Basic phone and TV service;
  • Smoke detectors and safety equipment;
  • Dietary supplements, vitamins and fitness trainers;
  • Health services not covered by medicare such as massage therapy and acupuncture;
  • Dry cleaning, tailoring, beauticians and haircuts;
  • Coach bus, taxi, rail and domestic air service;
  • Restaurant meals, prepared foods at the grocer;
  • Theatre tickets, movies, sports and musical events;
  • Art, dance and sports lessons;
  • Postage, magazines and newspapers;
  • Gym memberships, sports lessons;
  • Summer camps, amusement parks and tourist attractions;
  • Bicycles, bike repair;
  • Field and facility rental (forcing associations to raise player fees);
  • Pre-natal classes;
  • Most wedding expenses (catering, planning and other services);
  • Countless school supplies;
  • New homes over $525,000;
  • Real estate fees;
  • Funerals.

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