Friday, June 26, 2009

New Central Valley Greenway bike path: Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster

A new 24-kilometre walking-cycling path opens today (shared with cars for some of the way) . It links Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster. That means if you're up for a long ride it is a new way of rolling into town.

TransLink says the Central Valley Greenway intersects about 20 bike routes and connects with 13 SkyTrain stations (indirectly for some of those stations!).

The total price tag is around $25 million. The grand opening of the Central Valley Greenway is Saturday at noon at the Winston Overpass in Burnaby.
I checked it out today walking from Willingdon to Holdom Skytrain station and was not at all impressed! From behind the Burnaby Costco on Willingdon the path (still under construction) quickly turns into a "bike lane" on Still Creek Ave, followed by confusing signage at Douglas Road. To get to the Holdom Skytrain station from there involves walking along the road, crossing railway tracks, walking on Goring Street (no sidewalks) with lots of trucks. There's an impressive pedestrian overpass at Sperling station, but apparently cyclists/pedestrians still have to share the road along parts of the Still Creek/Burnaby Lake route...

Nice start but could be a heck of a lot better!

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