Monday, September 29, 2008

Newton / North Delta Federal Election Candidates Oct. 14/08

Newton--North Delta (British Columbia) General Election (Tuesday, October 14, 2008)

Harjit Daudharia (Communist Party of Canada)
Sukh Dhaliwal (Liberal Party of Canada)
James William Miller-Cousineau (Independent)
Sandeep Pandher (Conservative Party of Canada)
John Shavluk (Independent)
Teresa Townsley (New Democratic Party)
Liz Walker (Green Party of Canada)

When you vote, you MUST prove your identity and address. You have three options:
Option 1:

Provide one original piece of identification issued by a government or government agency containing your photo, name and address (e.g. driver’s licence).

Option 2:

Provide two original pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Both pieces must contain your name, and one must also contain your address (e.g. health card and hydro bill).

Option 3:

Swear an oath and be vouched for by an elector who is on the list of electors in the same polling division and who has an acceptable piece or pieces of identification (e.g. a neighbour, your roommate).

Make sure you get out and vote!

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