Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free seminar on Biorefining and biofuels – Lignol’s developments on the BCIT campus

Lignol Innovations has recently moved its facilities to BCIT’s Burnaby campus where it has built a pilot scale biorefinery to complete development of its cellulosic ethanol technology. Lignol’s process produces both biofuels and biochemicals from feedstocks such as wood waste and agricultural residues.

This talk will describe Lignol’s process technology, their progress to date and the path to commercialization; it will also explore some of the benefits of biorefineries in reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and providing a viable alternative to petroleum-based energy and chemicals.

Mr. Michael Rushton is currently Chief Operating Officer of Lignol Innovations Ltd. where he is leading development and commercialization of an innovative biorefining technology for producing cellulosic ethanol.

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Time: 2:45 – 3:45 PM
Location: BC Institute of Technology Room SW1 - 1205

Lignol is a Canadian company based in BC which is undertaking to construct biorefineries for the production of fuel-grade ethanol and biochemicals from Canadian forests and vast supplies of biomass feedstocks. Lignol has acquired and since modified, a solvent based pre-treatment technology that was originally developed by a subsidiary of General Electric. The pre-treatment technology was previously commercialized in a major pulp mill by Repap with an investment of over $C 100 million.

Lignol acquired the technology, plant operations and related engineering data together with the original GE pilot plant, which is now being integrated in Vancouver, BC with recently acquired process capabilities to convert cellulose to ethanol. Lignol has recently produced ethanol and other bio chemicals from both hardwood and softwood species representative of Canadian forests, and is one of the world's more promising cellulose to ethanol companies.

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