Thursday, April 03, 2008

FIDO Overcharging on Fido to Fido Service? Ripoff alert

After receiving a couple of huge FIDO cell phone bills recently, I phoned customer service to inquire about some calls that were listed on the statements. I have the cheap 50 minutes + free Fido-to-Fido (F2F) plan. Apparently I was charged an extra $170 for calls to other local Fido users that should have been free.

After spending 30 minutes on the phone to FIDO Customer Service going over each call that should have been free, I was told that YES, they do have a technical problem with overcharging for Fido to Fido calls, and YES they are working to find a solution, and NO you will not automatically get a refund unless you phone them up and basically do what I did, and go through each phone number that you were billed for to find out if they were a FIDO customer.

Anybody else run into a similar problem? Or have you even noticed that you're being overcharged?

You can file a complaint with the CRTC HERE ,

but it doesn't look like they'll be very helpful, as they suggest discussing problems with your provider first. Maybe a class action lawsuit would be the best thing to resolve FIDO's service problems...



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Anonymous said...

I am a customer of Fido who was incorrectly charged for $307.43 for long distance charges despite myself having a Fido Pulse Max plan which has written in the contract unlimited Canada wide calling. I looked over my entire call history and confirmed that i made 559:00 mins of calls however all these call were within canada and I made NO international calls. I am being unfairly charged by Fido.

I have automated billing to my credit card. Furthermore I was leaving for vacation in a few days, where i would not have access to check my online phone statement. If I did not have the good fortune to check my statement before leaving this extra $307.43 would cause me undue hardship by maxing my credit limit (making it useless away from home) and possibly damaging my credit score.

I have tried calling Fido several times, I have attempted to use there online website and APP both were currently not working. complaint to CRTC made.