Friday, November 02, 2007

Plan your bus and skytrain trip with Google Transit

Google's new Transit Planner site is a useful tool for getting around Vancouver by bus, skytrain or car. Check it out here.

Google Transit Trip Planner enables you to enter the specifics of your trip — where you're starting, where you're ending up, what time of day you'd like to leave and/or arrive — then uses all available public transportation schedules and information to plot out the most efficient possible step-by-step itinerary. You can even compare the cost of your trip with the cost of driving the same route.

Also available for these areas:

Japan (All regional and national rail networks, domestic airlines and ferries)

British Columbia
Vancouver (TransLink)

United States:
Bay Area (BART)
Burbank (Burbank Bus)
Bay Area (Caltrain)
Humboldt County (Various)
Orange County (OCTA)
Sacramento (Regional Transit)
San Diego (MTS)
Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks Transit)
Bay Area (VTA)

Tampa (HART)

Honolulu (TheBus)

Duluth (Duluth Transit)

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